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Freymond Lumber produces graded hardwood and softwood lumber. We saw a wide variety of species found in the local forest. Hardwoods include hard maple, red oak, white ash, white birch, yellow birch, soft maple, black cherry, beech, aspen and basswood. Softwoods include white pine, red pine, white cedar and hemlock.

In hardwood we primarily saw 4/4 lumber but can produce other thicknesses (5/4, 6/4). We produce hardwood hearts and ties of various sizes (4x4, 4x6, 7x9) for industrial use and lower density aspen cants (4x4, 3x6).

In softwood we saw 1" and 2" graded lumber and squares and timbers. White pine timbers are air dried in our yard and used in log home construction.

Sawmill residue products include bark, sawdust and wood chips.

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