Live, work and build better with wood

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Lifts of 4x4 hardwood or poplar hearts

Freymond Lumber operates a sawmill in Bancroft, Ontario producing high quality lumber from wood harvested in a responsible manner from local forests. We have been manufacturing both hardwood and softwood lumber since 1946. We sell truckload quantities of green, graded lumber, cants and ties. For more information on our Grade Lumber and Industrial Wood Products, please see our Wholesale page.

Our wood supply is sourced from our own harvesting operations on both Crown Forests and private woodlots and purchased from local logging contractors and landowners. Forest management services are offered to landowners through Freymond Logging Co. Inc.

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Truck loaded with pulpwood

We operate a Retail Lumber Yard open to the public and building contractors. We have a selection of wood siding in a variety of sizes and finishes, rough and dressed lumber, decking materials and timbers for landscaping, building and fencing projects. Holden Truss, Vicwest Metal Roofing and Sashco products are also available. For more information about our retail products, please visit our Retail page.

Log length firewood is available delivered by the truckload to home owners and wood processors.

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